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Mr. Minister C.D Maikap recently discourses some wise ideas and statistics regarding the vocational education in the WB & INDIA.

1. In ‘Ganasakti’ dt.- 05/02/2011 he stated that the number of VTCs running in the state is 3428 and approximate 36 thousand  teachers & staff are working in those VTCs.  But In ‘Ganasakti’ dt- 08/02/2011 the same person in same district stated the number of running VTC in the state is 2181 & this time he didn’t disclose the number of Teacher & staff associated.  Are the number of Teacher & staff will decrease accordingly or will be the same is going to be disclosed yet.

In the other hand official website of West Bengal State Council of Vocational Education & Training, says that the total number of 2788 affiliated VTCs are there in the state.

Our believe is that this mistake is surely done by high-level PRINTING GHOST. Our humble request to Mr. Minister, please tells us the actual number or running VTC and this time watch out for the PRINTING GHOST.

2. In ‘Ganasakti’ dt- 08/02/2011 respected Minister said that the HRD Minister Mr. Kapil Sibbal accepted the view that the west Bengal achieved noted success in the area of technical education but other states didn’t achieve the same level.

In ‘Ganasakti’ dt- 11/02/2011 respected Minister said that 85% of technical education in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra and other states are privatize but in our state 85% of technical education is in govt. hand. And he believes that it is the success of his government. 

Council website stated in home page  – “Since inception in the year 2005-06 the Council has been functioning with the objective to develop the standard of vocational education & training in West Bengal and to make that standard at par with the standard prevailing at all India level, to implement programme of strengthening the vocational education & training and to monitor the performance of the affiliated institutions.”

Is the vocational education is the part of technical education or not?
 If yes,  a) It is clear by the objective that the vocational education in our state is trying to achieve the all India level.

b) In Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra and other states teachers are working permanently. (1977’s vocational teacher of west Bengal also enjoying the same status.) . whereas we the vocational teacher/trainers and staff are one type of bonded labor with a six month bond. Off course in case of exploitation – We are the best, specially in the case of vocational education.

In simple words we are running behind of others. We are proudly assuming that the “quantity is better than quality”

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